Bissell ProLite Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

When you first lay eyes on the Bissell ProLite vacuum you notice its modern, stylish design. This isn’t the bulky, oversized vacuum frame that you often find on vacuums designed for residential use, but it is still quite durable and highly efficient.

Just like all Bissell vacuums, it is designed for superior suction power and versatile cleaning within the home. Unlike others, it is very modern in appearance and fun to push around the house.


With 12 amps of power, this is clearly not the most powerful Bissell vacuum cleaner you are going to find on the market today. Yet, at just 23.5 pounds it is by far not the heaviest Bissell out there, either. It all comes down to what best fits your needs. The more powerful Bissell vacuums tend to be larger in size with a lot more weight to push around. The ProLite is designed to be lighter and easier to push around but its motor is not quite as powerful.

That said, most consumers who review this vacuum confirm that it does have adequate suction power to pull dirt from deep within carpeting. It might be a bit lighter than other Bissell vacuums, but it still packs a nice amount of power.

The cleaning path is just over 13 inches, which is a bit less than the 15 inches often found on larger sized Bissell vacuums. This isn’t a big deal for most users. It just means you will cover less floor space with each push of the vacuum.

Another thing that the ProLite has on other vacuums is a 5 year warranty. It is common for Bissell vacuums to come with just one year on the warranty, so obviously Bissell believes this model is extremely durable for years of use. Consumer reviewers tend to back this up by noting that it feels very substantial and well made. It doesn’t do so well with pet hair. If you want a vacuum cleaner for pet hair removal checkout:

With the Bissell ProLite vacuum you never have to worry about changing bags or purchasing new bags, since it is a bagless model. It has a uniquely designed collection cup that allows you to push a button to release the dirt. You never have to worry about your hands touching the dirt while you tip it over, since the bottom just releases with the press of a button.

The filtration system includes one filter to block dust and small particles from the motor and a HEPA filter to keep dust, particles and allergens from getting out into the air of your home. You have to clean the first filter frequently, but it will protect your motor and extend the life of your vacuum.

You can use the Bissell ProLite vacuum on all types of carpeting and bare floors and it will automatically adjust to the different heights. This is a modern feature that is fitting to the modern design, though some consumer reviewers note that it doesn’t transition as easily as they would like.

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With the ProLite Bissell vacuum comes an expansive set of attachments with a nice bag to keep them all together. You have an attachment for virtually any surface in your home, and that includes the tiny cracks and corners that other vacuums struggle to reach!

Reviews are mixed with many people loving the ProLite for its deep suction and others complaining that it might not work well on some types of carpeting. For instance, it might not do real well on Berber.