The Most Effective Methods to Lose Man Boobs

Man boobs or gynaecomastia is a condition highly on rise. A recent research shows 30-40% of men are afflicted. While they maybe harmless to your overall health, the psychological and social damage they cause is untold. Every man or woman will agree man boobs are plainly undesirable, uncomfortable and unappealing. To a majority of men, nothing lowers their self esteem more than them. They limit their social activities more so if the activity in question involves removing the shirt.

gyno-picWeight issues, hormones, fat, alcohol and heroin abuse are the major contributors to this condition. Due to then, a greasy tissues forms in the chest area, creating a feminine appearance. Unlike the popular notion, it’s almost impossible to spot reduce them the natural way, as you have less control over which part of your body will lose fat. The only viable option is the reduction overall body weight, and a simple lifestyle change. There are many methods to lose man boobs. We will look at the most effective, in no particular order.

1. Observe Your Diet
Research shows some diets contribute to more estrogen production. This your brains that you have domineering female hormones, resulting to fatty deposits in the chest area. Proper dieting also helps you lose fats, and keep your weight under check, which in turn goes a long way in helping you lose man boobs. Proper nutrition may involve sticking to a healthy dieting plan such as ensuring that you take only 3-4 small meals a day and in every meal, you have a fist-sized portion of veggies, carbohydrates and protein.

Stay away from all junks and food rich in calories. For carbohydrates, brown bread, brown rice and sweet potatoes are a perfect plan. Eating less is easier said than done, ,more so when you are used to huge chucks of food. Flax oil when consumed after or during the meals helps you stay full for longer and reduces the amount of food you need to consume to get full, ultimately resulting to less fats and less man boobs. Additionally, flax helps in bowel movements, thereby reducing concentration of fats in the chest area.

Green tea is a known detoxificant, but it helps in natural fat burning process. Making sure that green tea is incorporated in your breakfast not only helps you lose man boobs, but also helps in keeping your system clean. A good number of men have ended up with man boobs even after keeping their weight under check. This is highly attributed to high levels of estrogen. Proper dieting helps control the estrogen level and assist in losing man boobs.

cardio-exercises2. Anaerobic exercises
Exercises that stimulate the production of testosterone male hormones and help burn fats are essential. Cardio and resistance training will greatly help you lose the man boobs. Sprinting for 20 to minutes in the morning, before breakfast helps. Additionally, exercises that focus on pectoral muscles such as chest press, push-ups and butterfly press contributes to chest muscle gain, works off fat toning muscles, and creates a well chiseled, desirable manly appearance. To be effective, these exercises should be conducted at least twice a week.

3. Creams and Herbal Pills
Many men opt for creams and herbal pills as they are less expensive, less painful and easy to carry around. Creams when rubbed on the chest area help to reduce the boobs, but not all guarantee the results. In some, you have to apply them for quite a long before you begin seeing the results. This does not necessarily mean that there are no effective creams. Depending on your location, you can always get a cream, but read first its the online reviews and look for information in online forums.

4. Hormonal Supplements
Low testosterone and high estrogen contribute to man boobs. When other methods have failed, consider purchasing hormonal supplements. They are plenty of them in the market place. However, some may have negative side effects and is therefore advisable that you first consult your doctor before taking them. Other methods may include the reduction of alcohol intake and heroin abuse. Man boobs is one of the major concerns in men, but if you are to follow the outlined methods, you are sure to keep them off.